Separate files are provided about every single work by TLV included in the catalogue with the following information:

  • Work complete name as Victoria wrote it.
  • Liturgy or festivity for which it is used as Victoria desing it and reference from the source used to know it.
  • Type* of composition.
  • Number of voices* it was composed for and vocal range (C: Cantus, A: Altus, T: Tenor, B: Bassus).
  • References* found in old editions.
  • Catalogue number by E.C. Cramer.
  • Texts in Latin, as Victoria wrote them (with the minimum graphic adaptations) and giving the source used as reference, and English and Spanish translations; improved as NEV pieces are reviewed. On those new works edited as NEV, the texts are presented as Victoria treat them.
  • Scores of the different editions and available transcriptions.
  • Description, interesting facts and other notes.
  • Links.

All references and lists are in alphabetical order. 

The words marked * are available at the top of every reference to make surfing easier.