Incipit oratio Jeremiae Prophetae, a 6

Incipit oratio Jeremiae Prophetae, a 6

Sabbato Sancto ad Matutinum


9th. lamentation -Lectio tertia-, 3rd. of Easter Saturday.


Incipit Oratio
Hieremiae Prophetae.
Recordare Domine
qui acciderit nobis:
intuere, et respice opprobium nostrum.
Haereditas nostra versa est ad alienos:
domus nostrae ad extraneos.
Pupilli facti sumus absque patre,
matres nostrae quasi viduae.
Aquam nostram pecunia bibimus:
ligna nostra pretio comparavimus.
Cervibus nostri minabamur,
lassis non dabatur requies.
Ierusalem, Ierusalem,
convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum.
(Lm. 5, 1-5)


Here beginneth the Oration
of the Prophet Jeremiah.
Remember, O Lord,
what is come upon us:
consider, and behold our reproach.
Our inheritance is turned to strangers,
our houses to aliens.
We are orphans and fatherless,
our mothers are as widows.
We have drunken our water for money,
our wood is sold unto us.
Our necks are under persecution:
we labour and have no rest.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
return to the Lord thy God.
[Translation: Nancho Álvarez]

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