Lauda Sion, a 8

Lauda Sion, a 8

In Festo Corporis Christi [1585b]


LAuda Syon Saluatorem
LAuda ducem et pastorem,
in hymnis et canticis.
quantum potes tantum aude
quia maior omni laude,
nec laudare sufficis.
sit laus plena sit sonora,
sit iocunda sit decora
mentis iubilatio
quod non capis quod non vides
animosa firmat fides
praeter rerum ordinem.
bone pastor panis vere
Jesu nostri miserere
tu nos pasce nos tuere
tu nos bona fac videre
in terra viuentium.



Sion, praise thy Saviour,
give praises to thy guide and pastor
in hymns and songs.
Praise him as strongly and boldly as you can
since he is greater than all praise
which can never be sufficient.
Let praise be full, let it be sonorous,
let it be joyful, le it be graceful,
let our souls rejoice.
What thou canst not see or understand
must eagerly be affirmed by faith
outside the natural order of things.
O good shepherd, true bread,
O Jesus, have mercy on us:
O thou support us and guard us,
make us see good things
in the land of the living.
(St. Thomas Aquinas, XIII century)
[Translation: Nancho Álvarez]

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