El corazón de la piedra

El corazón de la piedra

García López, J. M.
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Nocturna Ediciones
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Colección Noches Blancas



"Daughter of the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian II and Maria of Austria, the Archduchess Margaret, together with Castilian composer Tomás Luis de Victoria, the central figure of this ambitious novel whose deep imagery transcends the historical genre.


Set in the European wars of religion and the Black Legend during the reigns of Philip II to Philip IV, this altarpiece of chimeras and shadows portrays the power and glory of key characters such as the mysterious Emperor Rudolf II in his court of alchemists in the Castle of Prague, artists like Arcimboldo and Cervantes, legends like the Golem or the Blood Countess and, of course, the miseries and follies of the Habsburgs with musical Kabbalistic speculation and of the moment.


Through such diverse contexts as the naval battles of Lepanto and the Armada or imperial cities like Vienna, Prague and Budapest, the Archduchess Margaret, on his retirement from the convent Las Descalzas Reales in Madrid draws a sketch exciting music time".

(Abstract of the book El corazón de la piedra)

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