Musicology Award 2018

Some weeks ago we had the jury´s decision about the Musicology Award 2018, this year, divided in two categories: Musicology Award "Lothar Siemens", dedicated to reward unpublished studies about the hispanic musical heritage; and the Musicology Award for doctoral thesis presented along 2018.

This time, the Musicology Award "LotharSiemens" has been given to Alfonso Colella for his: Musica y cultura renacentista entre Valencia y Nápoles: la corte valenciana del duque de Calabria (1488-1550); while the Musicology Award for doctoral thesis it´s been given ex aequo to D. Luis López Ruiz for El compositor José Lidón (1748): obra teórica y análisis de su música litúrgica, and D. Josep Martínez Reinoso, for El surgimiento del concierto público en Madrid (1767-1808). In all cases, the works are going to be published by the SEdeM as part of the award.

This Musicology Award was established in 1978, even thought it hasn´t been given every year. The award´s main goal it´s to boost the hispanic musical heritage´s studies and research.