New material for the New Victoria Edition

To the already published and edited scores by the New Victoria Edition, belonging to the book of motets published in 1572 in Venice, from today, a new group of works published in 1576, at the same town, joins. In there, appears all the motetistic forms as magnificat, marian antiphons and motets, from this second book of works by the abulense, in the same way the first ones were presented.

Each work is reviewed and re-edited with current musicological criteria, trying to keep the treatment that Victoria used with the text, as much as possible. Also, the hole edition follows a critical apparatus precise and accesible from our web site.

The new works edited from the book from 1576 are Ardens est cor meum, a 6; Ave Maris Stella, a 4; Nigra sum sed Formosa, a 6; Nisi Dominus, a 8; O Domine Iesu Christe, a 6; O Sacrum Convivium, a 4; Regina Coeli, a 8Salve Regina, a 5; Salve Regina, a 6; Salve Regina, a 8; Ave Maria, a 8;Vidi Speciosam, a 6;  and the Magnificat Primi toni odd verses, Magnificat Primi toni even verses, Magnificat Quarti toni odd verses, Magnificat Quarti toni even verses, Magnificat Octavi toni odd verses, and Magnificat Octavi toni even versesSome of them are presented in the original tone, and in another transposed version to make easier the performance.

This work by the Research Center Tomás Luis de Victoria, wants to continue with the same approach, to proporcionate high quality materials to spread and add value to Victoria´s music.