MHA Festival

Jun/17 19:30 - Jun/19 00:30
Valencia (Spain)

The MHA Festival (Music, History and Art in Valencia) organizes its annual meeting with three conferences and concerts based on some of the great searches of the medieval world. The pillmgrinage will be the first step, regarding the interior search of each medieval believer.  Sesion will be carried out on June 18 with a talk by Carles Magraner and a concert by his Capella de Ministrers entitled "Peregrinatio, chronicle of a medieval journey". The day before, Marcel Pérès will give a talk about the Camino de Santiago, with his correlative concert  "Los Caminos de Santiago, Limoges, Moissac and Santiago, XI-XII centuries" (by the Ensemble Organum). To conclude, and as a triduum, a concert entitled "The Grial, Music and Literature around the Holy Grail" will be offered on Saturday 19, which will be presented by María Jonas, but in whose interpretation the artist will be accompanied by C. Magraner.

Tickets for the festival, which can be purchased at the following link, have a price of € 25 if you just want to enjoy a concert, € 30 for a pass that gives access to the concert and the preceding talk, € 50 if you prefer a subscription for all concerts and € 65 for a pass that gives access to the full experience.