III International Congress Power Identities and Images of Cities: Music and Ceremonial Books in Western Europe, from the Middle Ages of Modernity

Dec/03 09:00 - Dec/04 14:30

Cartell III Congreso PIIC 2021

The University of Malaga celebrates its third edition of the PIIC International Congress, this time in online version. It will take place on December 3 and 4, and different presentations, tables and debates will take place during that time, whose participants and contents to be discussed are described in more detail in the attached document. A large group of researchers will share their knowledge through the event; most of them come from Spanish universities, but it is worth noting the participation of international universities such as The University of Edinburgh, University of Cambridge or Universität Bern. The topic announced in the title of the congress will be addressed from different approaches, such as cultural and heritage management, or the handling of sources, in addition to dealing with different geographical locations in wich music and ceremonials have been present.

In order to register for this congress, which is free, you must use the form indicated in the attached.