Dec 03

The University of Malaga celebrates its third edition of the PIIC International Congress, this time in online version. It will take place on December 3 and 4, and different presentations, tables and debates will take place during that time, whose participants and contents to be discussed are described in more detail in the attached document.

Jul 16

The Early Music Festival of Morella (Castellón, Spain), directed by Carlos Magraner, manages to reach its tenth edition. On this occasion, it will be focused, although not exclusively, on ancient music dedicated to suffering and to one of the quintessential mediator figures of Medieval Christian thought:  Mary, mother of Jesus. In any case, we can also highlight other elevance aspects  as the cultural exchange in the Mediterranean or the repertoire of the plucked string, organ and harpsichord.

Jul 03

The new edition of the Renaissance and Baroque Music Festival of Vélez-Blanco (Almería) will take place between July 3 and 31. This edition will offer eleven concerts and a performance of "La Increíble HIstoria de Juan Latino", a baroque zarzuela that will be performed by Claroscuro company.

Jun 17

The MHA Festival (Music, History and Art in Valencia) organizes its annual meeting with three conferences and concerts based on some of the great searches of the medieval world. The pillmgrinage will be the first step, regarding the interior search of each medieval believer.  Sesion will be carried out on June 18 with a talk by Carles Magraner and a concert by his Capella de Ministrers entitled "Peregrinatio, chronicle of a medieval journey".

May 21

The Academic Research Group on Music and Contexts in Medieval and Renaissance Iberian world (Spanish Society of Musicology) has organized its anual conference wich will took place via on-line (Zoom platafom) between may 21 and 22. The complete programm (with abstracts of each intervention) could be consulted in their web-page.

May 17

The Granada Ancient Music Festival, will be dedicated to the King Alfonso X the Wise and the commemoration of his VIII Centenary. To achieve this, the festival will be focused on medieval Hispanic music but not only since it will be complemented with different activities and concerts about Armenian music.

Apr 15

The XIV Festival of Early Music (named "The Three Cultures City") organized by the Cordovan City Council  will take place between April 15 and 24. The festival bring us a performance of Sefarad Music (April 15, by the group Evoeh), Muslim Music (Yaran Kaveh Sarvarian, April 16) and Christian Music.

Apr 07

The Madrid Ancient Music Festival (in its second edition) will take place between April 7 and 18 with a very rich repertoire. The complete program, which can be consulted on its website or in the file attached to this new, will offer a renovated overview about this music.

Mar 20

The Juan de Borbón Foundation organizes its 39 Sacred Music Week in Segovian capital. As usual, in the festival we can find some sessions of the program dedicated exclusively to Early Music. Such is the case of the performance on Friday, March 26, dedicated to the Hispanic polyphonists (Guerrero, Victoria, Morales, Vivanco) by the Gradualia Choir. In addition, the organizers offers an specialist talk with José Luis López Antón at 18:30.

Mar 29

At the Cervantes Theater in Malaga there will be a cycle of Ancient Music during this Holy Week. Specifically, under the title 'Aeternum. Sacred Music of the World ', the program will explore the religiosity of some of the great composers of the European repertoire. The cycle begins with one of the most representative authors of this objective (J. S. Bach), whose religious experience A. Delgado and Iñaqui Salvador do not hesitate to consider him as a mystic in the opening concert (J.S. Bach: a mystic in the 21st century ').


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