Jan 02

The Valldigna International Medieval Music Center has presented its annual programm of conferences and music concerts. The schedule has practically one concert a month (except July and August). It allows a very variety but we can also see a liking point though all the concerts: the Mediterranean experience and contact between cultures. The concert offered by Los musicos de Uruñea (March 6) and by Aquitania (September 4) are focused on islamic, jewish and christian music of the Iberian Middle Ages.

Nov 28

The city council of Alcalá de Henares in collaboration with the quartet Musicantes, organize a new edition of the Festival of Ancient Music of Alcalá de Henares. In this occasion, it will be focus mainly but not only, on the medieval and Renaissance repertoire. We can highlight the performance of the duo Jota Martínez, specialized in the medieval spanish period and who will put seven cantigas of Alfonso X. Also the Musicantes Ensemble, will stress the point on the medieval period but wil a more variety  (Sephardic, Alfonsine and Machaut works).

Nov 22

Aranjuez Early Music Festival organizes its new edition, conditionated to the evolution of the epidemiological, wich will explore the history of spanish music (but not only) from the Renaissance until Classicism. Therefore, attenders would enjoy music from Juan del Encina to Haydn and some other musicians like Guerrero, Vivaldi, Scarlatti Boccherini or Brunetti.

Nov 04

Celebrating the conmemoriation of the 8th centenary of the Cathedral of Burgos, its association in charge of cultural events offers us a double concert on November 4 & 5. Specifically, the 4th will be dedicated to some spanish musicians of the Renaissance and Baroque like Tomás Luis de Victoria and Antonio Soler.

Nov 20

This year the International Festival of Ancient Music of Úbeda and Baeza will offer several concerts for free through its YouTube channel, which is being renewed. A great opportunity to get to know this festival firsthand.

Regarding the 2020 edition, its director, Javier Marín, says:

Nov 13

The MOMUA (Molina de Segura Ancient Music Festival) bring us in its 2020 edition a program dumped in a digital format. Specifically the organizers propose two ways to participate: attending online courses or by assisting to some talks about different topics related to ancient music

Jun 25

The Granada International Music and Dance Festival, which fortunately will take place in the edition of this year  (despite the CoVid-19 crisis), also bets on early music and Tomás Luis de Victoria. According to his program, which can be consulted on his website, on Saturday, July 11, in its morning concert session (12:00) at the Monastery of San Jerónimo, a concert entitled "Renaissance Glories" will be held by the coir 'Tenebrae' conducted by Nigel Short.

Jun 26

The San Marino  International Music Summer Courses,  supported by the Secretary of State for Instruction and Culture of the Republic of San Marino, have in their 2020 edition different courses focusen on early music, such as their course on Medieval and Renaissance Music (August 22-30), another on Medieval Liturgical Drama (August 22-20) and another dedicated to

Oct 15

The religiosity of the Community of the Oratory of San Felipe Neri was one of the experiences that marked the stay of Tomás Luis de Victoria in Rome. That is the reason why encourage to all scholars to participate in the international conference "Congregation of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri: Art and Culture", which will take place at the University of Lisbon from October 15 to 17, 2020. Proposals about all arts and cultural expressions linked to this congregation (also music) will be wellcomed.


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