May 08

On March 8 and 9, the city of Morella will host the III MedyRen International Congress, entitled "Early music, architectural spaces and new technologies". It will meet specialists from different regions of Spain, as well as from England, France and Switzerland to discuss new perspectives for the study of early music from an optics focused on acoustics and new technologies.

Mar 08

Tomorrow, March 8, the "Coral Lucentina"  proposes to us a concert in memory of Manuel Lara Cantizani in which the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria will play a central role with the performance of the O Magnum Misterium Mass. In addition to other pieces of European composers such as Mozart and Tchaikovsky as well as Africans musics, the music of Hispanic authors, among them different Andalusian masters as well as the aforementioned Victoria, will star in a meeting that will take place in the church of San Juan de Dios and whose entrance will be free.

Mar 02

The Festival of Early and Baroque Music of Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) proposes in its 18th edition an extensive program to bring this repertoire to its inhabitants and visitors during the month of March, specifically, between 2 and 28 this month. The activities, detailed below, are complemented by an important didactic effort of this repertorie that concentrates both in the educational programs in the local educational centers (March 6, 8 and 12) and in the realization of a didactic concert for schoolchildren on the 24th.

Mar 07

The VI Season of Early Music of Lorquí (FEMAL) starts today and will take until March 21. As every year, the ticket to the performances will be free. This new season of the FEMAL festival which includes three different performances (one every Saturday of the month) that will explore european music since the Middle Ages (with the performance of the duo "Jota Martínez duo", on March 21), Renaissance (Anonymous IV, March 7) and Baroque (Ensemble 258, March 14).

Jul 17

The Early Music festival and Academy in Morella has presented the program of its ninth edition, which this year is entiled "Europe" and will be focous on the musical connection between Flanders Valencia and Naples during the Early Modern times. The activities will explor the repertoires of Dufay, De Rore, Cárceres, J. Des Prés, Tictoris, Lasso, Pisador, as well as Palestrina and T. L de Victoria. This festival maintains its double theoretical-practical scope, and will take place in July (17 and 23). Some enrollment scholarships for  North African students are available.

Mar 11

The new Season of Early Music "Ciudad de Carmona" (Spain) presents its new programm with four performances that will occupy the entire month of March. Concerts will took place every Tuesday in different places of the town at 8:30 p.m. The programm, detailed below, covers different parts of the repertoire of hispanic and foreign music.


Concierto de Cántica, la música de los códices

Emilio Villalba y Sara Marina

May 16

The Opera Omnia music school (Madrid), organized its first Renaissance polyphony workshop, aimed at both singing professionals and all those interested in this repertoire. The theacher of this course will be Isaac Alonso de Molina, teacher at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague who counts, among his many teaching activities in Spain, with the coordination of the Valencian Ancient Music Course (2014-2016) and the Medieval and Renaissance Music Courses from Morella.

Feb 21

The famous Choir of the Singing Children of Vienna (Wiener Sängerknaben), begins on February 21 their Spanish tour named "Medieterréaneo". Under the direction of Manolo Cagnin, the Choir will offer a musical show with an amplie historical tour that, in the case of the Renaissance music, will be focused on Tomás Luis de Victoria, Francisco de Salinas and Adriano Banchieri (the program is detailed by extensive successive lines).

Apr 09

The organizers of the XXIII Week of Sacred Music of Requena (Valencia) open the Second Course of Renaissance and Baroque Singing, which will take place between April 9 and 12. This is a training activity, aimed at singing professionals and High-Degree students interested in this repertoire. The couse combines talks and concerts along with individual vocal technique classes, and choral and chamber music.

Dec 17

John Griffiths, musicologist and specialist in Ancient Music, will develop a serie of free activities aimed at disseminating his knowledge about the historical instruments of pulsed strings. This activities are contextualized in the XV Festival of Ancient Music of the University of Santiago de Chile. The first actitivy is a vihuela concert on Tuesday, December 17 at 12:00 and two master classes on this same subject on the 18th and 19th december from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


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