Sculpture of Tomás Luis de Victoria

On March 12, the city council of Ávila inaugurated the statue dedicated to Tomás Luis de Victoria, located in the Plaza del Teniente Arévalo in the town. The sculpture, designed by Óscar Alvariño, has been exposed in a small act carried out by the City Council, hoping that the improvement in sanitary conditions caused by the spread of the COVID-19 will allow  a huge act to present it to the citizenship. The statue, which recognaise the importance of the compositor to the city, is already visible to all passers-by who can and want to admire it.


Super Lamentationes

The ensemble 'Capella de Ministrers', conduced by Carles Magraner, has launch a new album recordinf the lamentations of Cristóbal de Morales entitled, precisely "Super Lamentationes Hieremiae Prophetae". The album, which has been eidted with the collaboration of Manuel del Sol, includes a four-voice interpretation of this music along with the intervention of violons and lute.

Interview John Griffiths

We have just known and access to the vast digital site Vihuela Database, created by John Griffiths, musicologist, researcher and performer. To know it better, from the Research Center Tomás Luis de Victoria, we wanted to talk with him and publish this interview with interesnting reflexions to wide our vision about reinassance music in general and the vihuela in concrete. 

You just published a huge work made during the last 30 years. What does the database try to achieve? What are its guiding principles?

New CD from Chiavette

The vocal ensemble Chiavette, conduced by Javier Ares, release their first CD entitled "Recorridos Sonoros", published by Delicias Discográficas. It is form by fourteen pieces selected form the Cancionero de MEdinaceli, some pieces of Tomás Luis de Victoria, and four Aragonese villancicos dated on the seventeen century.

Interview with Tomás Luis de Victoria Choire

The Research Center Tomás Luis de Victoria always tries to be a base for materials and posibilities about the abulense composer´s world and music. But, without a doubt, the most important task it´s the performance of his music. It´s trought the choirs that the circle it´s complete, and this digital site´s work became sensible in voice and music, and for that, we would like to start a new kind of relation with those ensambles wich from one or another perspective, are related to our most importante composer´s music.

Plus Ultra

From the Research Center Tomás Luis de Victoria, we would like to dedicate with great affection this eight edition of the festival Abvlensis in memory of Ricardo Allende.

The CEV team

50 edition of the SMADE

This year it´s the fifty aniversary of the Semana de la Música Antigua de Estella, wich was started in 1967 (with some years of interruptions). From the next 1st of September untill the 8th, will take place in Stella-Lizarra this meeting with a programme very special, focused on the artists who have been part of the festival in other editions and had left a deep trace on it. 

Dates with Old Music Festivals

Each day, the VIII edition of Abvlensis Plus Ultra Festival it´s closer. Meanwhile let´s check some interesting dates with old music around July in our country.


In one hand ECOS Festival, Festival Internacional de Música Antigua de Sierra Espuña, is takeing place from 19th al 27th July in a group of villages from Murcia: Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Librilla, Mula, Pliego and Totana.

So they listened, so we listen

The last month, in may, the research group “La Obra Musical Renacentista. Fundamentos, Repertorios y Prácticas”, cordinated by the profesor Aguirre-Rincón (part fo the Research Center Victoria) and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, has done a very particular and pioneer experiment on renaissance music reaearch field.


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