50 edition of the SMADE

This year it´s the fifty aniversary of the Semana de la Música Antigua de Estella, wich was started in 1967 (with some years of interruptions). From the next 1st of September untill the 8th, will take place in Stella-Lizarra this meeting with a programme very special, focused on the artists who have been part of the festival in other editions and had left a deep trace on it. 

Dates with Old Music Festivals

Each day, the VIII edition of Abvlensis Plus Ultra Festival it´s closer. Meanwhile let´s check some interesting dates with old music around July in our country.


In one hand ECOS Festival, Festival Internacional de Música Antigua de Sierra Espuña, is takeing place from 19th al 27th July in a group of villages from Murcia: Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Librilla, Mula, Pliego and Totana.

So they listened, so we listen

The last month, in may, the research group “La Obra Musical Renacentista. Fundamentos, Repertorios y Prácticas”, cordinated by the profesor Aguirre-Rincón (part fo the Research Center Victoria) and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, has done a very particular and pioneer experiment on renaissance music reaearch field.

The CEV digital site

Probably, if you are here reading, you already know something about our web site, but in the next lines we are going to deepen in the possibilities offered by the site, doesn´t matter if you are an amateur just knowing a bit of our composer, or if you are a singer in a choir, or a researcher from any condition. We think this site also for you.

Abvlensis 2019 is here

The last week, on tuesday 28th, Abvlensis VIII edition was presented in Ávila. This year subtittle is Plus Ultra, with it, some relations are proposed between the explorer´s eagerness on the colonialist expeditions on XVI century, wich open the perspective and the possibilities of the known word, boosting some of our modern sciences as antropology; and, on the other side, the Victoria´s Research Center investigation spirit trying to track down the infleucne of our abulense.

Musicology Award 2018

Some weeks ago we had the jury´s decision about the Musicology Award 2018, this year, divided in two categories: Musicology Award "Lothar Siemens", dedicated to reward unpublished studies about the hispanic musical heritage; and the Musicology Award for doctoral thesis presented along 2018.

Ancient music festivals

Before reveal all the information about the next Abvlensis edition, the eighth, let´s remind the next festivals and events dedicated to the old music along the spanish geography.

Abvlensis awarded Cultural Heritage European Year seal

Abvlensis International Music Festival has been awarded a new recognition. On this occasion European Year of Cultural Heritage seal, granted by the European Union through the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. This award comes when the motto of the European year is "Our heritage: where the past meets the future".

Abvlensis 2017 scholarship resolution

After studying the applications received by the committee designated for this purpose, in accordance with the rules of the call, held the previous selection to eliminate those candidates who do not meet the required conditions, aggregated scores established in the scale in the rest of the cases, and evaluated the different sections, the evaluation commission estimated to make public the list of applicants for Abvlensis 2017 Scholarship, sorted in order of the total score obtained, which can be downloaded from the attachment.


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