"El entorno musical del Greco" Simposium

Jan/30 00:00 - Feb/02 00:00

The city of Toledo will host of the symposium "El entorno musical del Greco" within the Jornadas de investigación y difusión en el 400 aniversario de la muerte del Greco. The event will take place between January 30 and February 2 and will be attended by leading researchers that provide news about the musical legacy of a period of great artistic splendor. During the life of the Greco, cities like Toledo were protagonists of important musical events throughout the year, enabling the maintenance of maestros de música, organ builders and organists, singers, minstrels and luthiers, choirboys... Definitely a context which El Greco could not escape .

In recent decades there have been a number of musicologists who have focused on the exhaustive study of this repertoire. A legacy to be valued and universally diffused, like the paintings of El Greco .

Registration deadline until December 9, 2013.