New Victoria Edition

We've just just launched the New Victoria Edition (NEV), a long-term project whose main objective is the transcription ―in an optimal format observing the international conventions― of the music by Tomas Luis de Victoria.

The first release corresponds to his first collection of printed music, Motecta que partim quaternis, parti Quinis, senis alia, alia octonis vocibus concinuntur, published in Venice in 1572, one of its valuable specimens is preserved in the archives of the Cistercian Monastery of Santa Ana in Avila, specifically the fourteen four-part motets, that have been transcribed by musicologist D. João Rebelo Dias de Figueiredo, recipient of the Abvlensis Scholarship 2015. 

All transcriptions are from now on available at the research Center, with NEV label, for free as material for analysis, study and interpretation.