Musical Series 2016 in Ávila

Apr/10 00:00 - Oct/23 00:00
Auditorio Municipal de San Francisco, Ávila
On 10 April until 23 October  'Musical Series 2016' offered by the Avila City Council will begin to, like every year, bring together concerts organized by some associations and groups.
Five series that can be enjoyed during the months of April to October, among them 'International Music Festival Abvlensis', organized by our Research Center.
All series will be held at the Municipal Auditorium of San Francisco, except Abvlensis, which will distribute its concerts through other spaces of Ávila capital city.


 III Youth Musical Recital 'Terpsícore'

April 10 - May 7

Organizes: Asociación Musical Abulense 'Terpsícore'

XVI International Journeys of Gregorian Chant 'Ciudad de Ávila'

May 15 - 22

Organizes: Coro Gregoriano de La Santa de Ávila

XIX International Polyphonic Journeys 'Ciudad de Ávila'

June 4 - 26

Organizes: Asociación Coral Abulense Tomás Luis de Victoria, Coral Amicus Meus

International Music Festival 'Abvlensis'

August 23 - 27

Organizes: Centro de Estudios 'Tomás Luis de Victoria'

XII Series Tomás Luis de Victoria

October 22 - 23

Organizes: Asociación Musical Tomás Luis de Victoria, Coral Camerata Abulense