Abvlensis 2017 scholarship

Tomás Luis de Victoria Research Center is holding a research scholarship for the third consecutive year thanks to the funds raised from the sale of tickets for the International Music Festival of the same name, which is programmed every August.

The research project consists of the edition of the printed books of Tomás Luis de Victoria, carried out in a chronological way, in order to offer the resulting works openly and free of charge at the Center as part of the New Victoria Edition. This third call will del with the 16 new motetistic creations published by Tomás Luis de Victoria in 1576.

The details of the call (in spanish) can be downloaded from the attachments drop-down below. The registration period will remain open from March 15 to 31, 2017. Applications can be submitted through the form below (in spanish), which will be active only within the aforementioned period, and in which the required documentation will be attached in successive steps.

In case of difficulties in sending or queries about the call, the contact form of the Center can be used.