Ancient music festivals

Before reveal all the information about the next Abvlensis edition, the eighth, let´s remind the next festivals and events dedicated to the old music along the spanish geography.

From the last April 21, untill the next May 5, it´s happening in Madrid the first edition of Festival de Música Anitgua de Madrid, at Fernán Gomez theater as a headquarter and a promoter organization. This event it´s one more of the different festivals about old music that Community of Madrid already has along the year. The concerts will be on chambert concert format and all of them will be introduced by a little conference to explain the context of the pieces that will be listened. Some of the proposals are also to create new relations between music and other scenic arts like imporvisation, theater or contemporary dance. 

From May 4 and till June 22, without leaving the Community of Madrid, we can enjoy the Festival de Música Antigua de Aranjuez. This will be the 26 edition. The programme it´s motivated by the conmemoration of the quincentenary of the first circumnavigation by Magallanes-Elcano in 1519-22, and it´s tittled Piper Nigrum. Por los mares a las músicas (By the seas to the musics). It tries to revisit with a different heard the european musics that were maybe played by the navigators around the world and also the musics they could listen. Above the concerts at the Royal Palace Chapel, the festival programme includes some visitis, meetings with the artists and wine degustation. 

After that, on May, if we want to continue on rythm, we must go to Granda for the fourth edition of Festival de Música Anitgua de Granada. This festival focuses on the meeting between different musical cultures, the subtittle is: Al Andalus, between east and west. The styles, traditions and groups diversity it´s really big, as it is the variety of spaces where they will present their work, among conferences, kids concerts and other activities. The festival also makes echange with other mediterranean festivals like Mediterranean Music Festival, in Swiitzerland or the Festival NEFTA, in Tunisia. 

After this ones will come meny more this 2019 summer. In a little while, more information about our VIII Abvennsis aswell.