47th MedRen Conference 2019 Basel

Jul/03 00:00 - Jul/06 00:00
Basilea (Suiza)

Revealing some details and notices about the congress

The conference programme for the annual MedRen it´s ready. It will take place the next July between the 3rd and the 6th at Basel, Switzerland.

This 47th edition it´s organized by the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with the Swiss Society of Musicology and the Institute of Musicology from the Basel University.
The complet programm of conferences ir´s already online. Part of the researchers team from "La obra musical renacentista. Fundamentos, repertorios y prácticas" will participate on the conference, among them, Soterraña Aguirre-Rincón, who is part of the Victoria Research Center.

just missing some detaild from the concerts programme, it´s already anounced the promising performance by La Morra, in colaboration with the SoundMe project, in wich are involved different european universities.

No doubt, this congress will be an unmissable appointment for all the studies in Medieval and Renaisence Music