Abvlensis 2019 is here

The last week, on tuesday 28th, Abvlensis VIII edition was presented in Ávila. This year subtittle is Plus Ultra, with it, some relations are proposed between the explorer´s eagerness on the colonialist expeditions on XVI century, wich open the perspective and the possibilities of the known word, boosting some of our modern sciences as antropology; and, on the other side, the Victoria´s Research Center investigation spirit trying to track down the infleucne of our abulense. For this complex task, an incredible and thoroug programme for the eighth festival edition has been planned, at the same time, to celebrate Victorias musical mastery. 


As it has been happening since the begining, Abvlensis it´s going to start with the Preambulum, on Sunday 25th at Palacio de Caprotti. This year it´s planned as a public conversation between Paul Hiller, orchestra and choir director, composer, professor and writer of many articles and music books, and also Ars Nova Copenhaguen conductor, wich is the group choosed to be group in residence this year during the festival; on the other side of the conversation, Jordi Casas, a reputed spanish conductor who has been working in several coral groups with greats and different backgrounds, and also conducting techer in many contexts and festivals in Europe. Preambulum has been always a great shuttle for the many activities programmed along the week.

Concert Schedule

The concert schedule is delicious. Starting on monday 26th at San Francisco auditorium with the concert called Songs that travel songs that stay, by the prestigious Ars Nova Copenhaguen. It´s been named as one of the best vocal groups in the world. They are coming with a very representative repertorire mixing old and contemporary music pieces.

The next day, on 27th, same stage, Antica it´s presentign their work, conducted by Jordi Casas. On this case with a very specific renaissance repertorire full of master pieces from the sixteenth century. 

On Wednsday 28th, this time at San Andrés church, Jospe Hernández Pastor is presenting his concert/experience titlled En alas del espíritu, an occidental contemplative music repertorie. 

On Thursday 29th, a concert called Victoria Plus Ultra at Santo Tomás church. The final music repertoire will be completed ahead. 

On the last day, the 30th, at Avila´s Cathedral, The RTVE Choir it´s presenting a very special concert. They are tho oldest professional group dedicated to choir music in Spain and in 1974 recorded Officium Defunctorum dedicated to Victoria´s music. This concert it´s reviving the album.

From 2018 it´s been included on the training seminars the workshop for Seises, a choir music seminar for children between 8 and 14 years old, as it was common on Victoria´s time in every cathedral. 

With all this, a very complete programme, designed with atention and care by the Victoria´s Research Center, supported by Ayuntamiento de Ávila and Junta de Castilla y León, among many other colaborators who believe in this kind of cultural, artistic, and teaching great level offer. No doubt it deserves a space in our summer planning. 

More and detailed information from Abvlensis Plus Ultra 2019.