The CEV digital site

Probably, if you are here reading, you already know something about our web site, but in the next lines we are going to deepen in the possibilities offered by the site, doesn´t matter if you are an amateur just knowing a bit of our composer, or if you are a singer in a choir, or a researcher from any condition. We think this site also for you.

This digital site pretends to be an academic divulgation space for Victoria´s work, but also for all the contexts and materials around it, necessary to really understand it. Trought an easy surfing, we can find a great part of the original materials supervised by himself.

Also, one of the most important activities by this Center its the revision and reedition of Vitoria´s music on the New Edition Victoria. A critic edition from a musicologist, complete and actual perspective.

With a quick glance in the site, among the team presentation, we´ll find different parts and seccions in wich the content is organized.


-Detailed biography and structured around the three cities where he developed his life: Ávila, Rome and Madrid, all by Ana Sabe, our history consuellor. Biographical information and curiosities for the serious researcher and for the curious reader.

-Works: where Victoria´s music´s CATALOG is presented. Each work it´s given in individual files detailing the clasification, number and kind of voices composed for, original text and translation, editions and transcription we located, and links to the original sources in wich the work appears, among other information.

Many of this information are possible to comparate while surfing so we can find lists of works with similar caracteristics, for example, all the works on the motet´s book from 1572, or all the works composed for four voices (Cantus, Altus, Tenor y Bassus). The searching it´s personalized.

-SOURCES: in this headland we can find all the information about the publications made while Victoria was alive, many of them supervised by himself. Relevant information about the edition, works contained, index, translated dedication, and locationof of every copy we located are attached, and when posible, links to digitized copies of many of them. So, in a couple of seconds we can have on our screen the music as Victoria worte it. For example, if I´m courious about the 1585a edition, I can have it complete.

-New Victoria Edition: on this deparrtment it´s all the project related to the musical revision and reedition done by the CEV. We can find the edition´s critial apparatus, with a detailed display about all the process and the logic used for the work. It´s available, of course, a list of complete works by the NEV, ready to be sang, and rights free. If you are interested to know wich ones are ready, it´s just a click. But check it later too, this is a work in progress so, in a while, we will add more music.

-Abvlensis: on this section dedicated to our festival, it´s possible to find all the information about the next Abvlensis Plus Ultra, but also, a documental depository with all the articles and interwievs from every festival edition yearbook, digitized. Imagine you want to remember the article written by Inés Mogollón, our comunication responsable and content editor, for the Hilliard Ensemble concerto n 2014. It´s that easy.

-Documentation: here we can find different kind of materials. First of all, PAPERS about or related to Victoria by several authors. In second place a BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INDEX, wich contains a long list of texts, articles and essays around Victoria´s life and works, many of them with links to accsess them and read them.

-Multimedia: is the last tab in the site, and it takes all the audible material about the composer. On the subseccion DISCS, there is a Victoria´s music´s recordings list comented and valued by the CEV team. On the subsecion PODCAST we have a colection with interviews and radio programes ready to heard (mainly in spanish).


We expect the content will be interesting to everyone who feels the curiosity or the eed to get closer to our best composer from all times. From the Victoria Research Center, we will keep working and compleating the site more and more on a non ended task.  We´ll try ton bring close Victoria´s life and music to whom wants to know more, and to make understandable the influece he let printed in our history.