50 edition of the SMADE

This year it´s the fifty aniversary of the Semana de la Música Antigua de Estella, wich was started in 1967 (with some years of interruptions). From the next 1st of September untill the 8th, will take place in Stella-Lizarra this meeting with a programme very special, focused on the artists who have been part of the festival in other editions and had left a deep trace on it. 

In the different stages that the organization is proposing around the town, we will have the chance to see again artists like Antonio Baciero (1st of September), Raquel Andueza with la Galanía (1st of September), Jesús Fernández Baena, again with Raquel Andueza (2nd of September), The Tallis Scholars (2nd of September), Ensemble la Danserye (3rd of September), Ensemble Diatessaron (4th of September), José Miguel Moreno (5th of September), Isabel Villanueva (6th of September), la Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarrra con la Coral de Cámara de Pamplona (6th of September), Voces a Cuatro (7th of September), jordi Savall y Pedro Estevan (7th of September), y Europa Galante (8th of September); a list with many essentials.

Above the concert programme, this edition bring some other activities like a commemorative ring of the bells in town by the group of campaneros from Pamplona´s cathedral, the premier of a book about the festival and the people who made it possible, and still are doing it, the general rehearsal of the Messiah, and the performance of the different camera groups from the Julián Romano Estella-Lizarra Music School.

50 editions worthy of celebration with a perfect programme. A nice way to continue the summer tuned on old music after Abvlensis Plus Ultra