XXIIIth Session of the Ubeda & Baeza Festival

Nov/23 20:30 - Dec/08 23:00

The FeUAUB program is now available 

The XXIII sesion of the Ubeda&Baeza festival of Early Music will take place between October 23 and December 8 with a program focused on the Italian influence on Western early music. The festival will be organized in four different cicles. The first one, entitled global Global Italy will explore italian influencie both in religious and profane between the  XIVth  to the XVIIIth centuries. The cicle will hostage Spanish and international ensables and the Gregorian Schola of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music will shine with up to three interventions. Along with this, the musical offer is extended on November 24 and 30 with two social concerts, 28 (Baeza) and 29 (Úbeda). Also the festivaloffers a didactic concert entitle "The Magic Planet of the Instruments" by the group Fetén Fetén, and, even more it will be complemented with the "Vandelvira cycle" (between November 8 to December 8), which takes the music to different monuments from Jaen and its region. All this culural offer will culminate with a scientific confereced focused on the analis of Ignacio Jerusalem and his musical inlfuence, during December 3 to 5.