FEMAL 2020

Mar/07 00:00 - Mar/21 00:00
Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol (Lorquí)

6th Season of FEMAL

The VI Season of Early Music of Lorquí (FEMAL) starts today and will take until March 21. As every year, the ticket to the performances will be free. This new season of the FEMAL festival which includes three different performances (one every Saturday of the month) that will explore european music since the Middle Ages (with the performance of the duo "Jota Martínez duo", on March 21), Renaissance (Anonymous IV, March 7) and Baroque (Ensemble 258, March 14). The first of the performances, by the group Anonymous IV, is entitled "Plazcale a su Alteza" collecting music from the Hispanic courts since the time of the Catholic Monarchs until Philip II. 'Od dolci amoris' will be the second of the performances, interpreting baroque music from an enriching perspective of the musician as multi-instrumentalist from European examples. Finally, the duo "Jota Martínez", in charge of closing the festival, will explore the medieval repertoire, and will offer to the public a set of songs and dances included in its program "Instruments per trovar, tañer e fazer juglaría".