Festival de Música Antigua y Barroca

Mar/02 00:00 - Mar/28 00:00
Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)

18ª edición

The Festival of Early and Baroque Music of Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) proposes in its 18th edition an extensive program to bring this repertoire to its inhabitants and visitors during the month of March, specifically, between 2 and 28 this month. The activities, detailed below, are complemented by an important didactic effort of this repertorie that concentrates both in the educational programs in the local educational centers (March 6, 8 and 12) and in the realization of a didactic concert for schoolchildren on the 24th. In addition, all this is complemented by an exhibition, entitled "Puerto de la Cruz, music in its time", located in the local Music School and that will remain open to the public between 2 and 29. Finally, the ancient and baroque music It will exceed the performative spaces designated for this task embracing the streets of the town at different times. Thus, the festival begins with a parade and a series of small outdoor concerts on March 2, but also offers the possibility of participating in a musical route on March 20.


March 2nd. Pascalle and outdoor concerts (Tenerife Trombone Quartet)

March 3th  “In festo Sanctae Mariae Magdalenae” (Qvinta Essencia, Ermita de San Telmo; 20.30h)


March 9 : “Una mujer en la pasión: María Magdalena” (Eduardo Zalba, Hotel My City; 19.00h)

March 18 “El baile perdido” ( La Galanía, Sala Taoro; 20.30h)

March 21th  “Johann Sebastian Bach el (in)genio al teclado" (Global Piano Studio, Sala Timanfaya; 12.00h) 


March 21th  “Membra Iesu nostri, Buxtehude” (Anglican Church 18.00h)


March 22th  “Johann Sebastian Bach el (in)genio al teclado” (Global Piano Studio, Sala Timanfaya; 12.00h)

March 22th  “Del tono humano a la tonadilla”  (Karim Farhan, baritone and Carlos Oramos, barroque guitart, Anglican Church; 20.30h)

March 25th:  “”Homenaje a Beethoven”  (Javier Laso, Sala Taoro; 17.00h)


March 28th  “Requiem de Mozart versión cuarteto”  (Ensemble Sul-Cordas, Anglican Chirch; 20.30h)