MOMUA 2020

Nov/13 00:00 - Nov/29 00:00
Molina de Segura (Murcia, Spain)

Ancient Music Festival

The MOMUA (Molina de Segura Ancient Music Festival) bring us in its 2020 edition a program dumped in a digital format. Specifically the organizers propose two ways to participate: attending online courses or by assisting to some talks about different topics related to ancient music

In the first case, the course offer four ten-hour courses about medieval music: The instrumentation of medieval dances (by Emilio Villalba); The polyphony in the Crown of Aragon (by María Bayley); The troubadours in the Crown of Aragon at the Court of Alfonso II (by Mauricio Molina) and  "Theory and Praxis of Early Music", focused on problems such as notation, tuning and solmisation (by Eduardo Sohns).

Regarding the conferences, they will take place via Zoom at 20:00 on Saturdays 14, 21 and 28 November. Conferences will be given by Samir Suez ( focused on Leonardo da Vinci), Ángeles Zapata (about women in ancient music) and Catalina Vicens ( approaching early music sutdies from a social perspective).

With this programm, the festival reinforces its compromise with our musical heritage, making it accessible to a wide public despite current restrictions.