Musical Printing during the Renaissance

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Printing press was a milestone in Renaissance Europe facing to culture production and mentalities developement. This revolutionary instrument also influenced music and, although less vigorously than in other European spaces, also in Spain we can obsvserve some relevant publications. The program "Música Antigua" (form the National Radio of Spain) brings us some extraordinary examples of this music. The podcast is specially focused on the Hispanic instrumentalist but the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria is also mentioned.

Tomas Luis de Victoria in Cadena SER

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Victoria´s biography review inSER Historia with Nacho Ares and Inés Mogollón, head of comunication from Abvlensis festivaland part of Tomas Luis de Vistoria´s Research Center. 

Music and Word on Tomás Luis de Victoria

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On Sunday July the 14th 2019, the radio programme “Música con estilo”, devoted a full programme to Victoria´s music with a programme called “Music and word on Tomás Luis de Victoria”. Was this very particular use that Victoria had when created musics for the most sensorial and sinesthesic texts he selected, the main theme on the programme. We could hear some of his motets with texts from the Song of songs, a text with an incredible sensorial and almost phisical caratcer, so rich in images, perfect for Victoria´s mastery.

Mass Pro Victoria (ensamble Dulce Mémoire)

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The France Music platform bring to us the performance of the Dulce Mémorire ensemble at Ambronay Abbey, within the framework of the Ambronay festival (on September 17, 2017), where they performed, among other pieces, parts of the 'Pro Victoria' mass.

Música Imagínense

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The program by Juan Ángel Vela del Campo devote its time to "the best all-time spanish composer" with Juan Carlos Asensio.

Missa 'Pro Victoria'

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Tess Knighton bring to us a study and comparison of different recordings of the mass 'Pro Victoria'.

'O quam gloriuosum' Masses

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The BBC bring to us a podcast by T. Knighton comparing some of the recordings of Tomás Luis de Victoria's famous mass 'O quam gloriosum'.