Taedet animam meam, a 4

Taedet animam meam, a 4

Officium Defunctorum



Taedet animam meam vitae meae,
dimittam adversum me eloquium meum,
loquar in amaritudine animae meae.
Dicam Deo: Noli me condemnare:
indica mihi, cur me ita iudices.
Numquid bonum tibi videtur,
si calumnieris, et opprimas me,
opus manuum tuarum,
et consilium impiorum adiuves?
Numquid oculi carnei tibi sunt:
aut sicut videt homo, et tu vides?
Numquid sicut dies hominis dies tui,
aut anni tui sicut humana sunt tempora,
ut quaeras iniquitatem meam,
et peccatum meum scruteris?
Et scias, quia nihil impium fecerim,
cum sit nemo, qui de manu tua possit eruere.
(Job 10:1-7)


I am weary at heart of my life;
I will speak out at my own risk,
and express the bitterness in my soul.
I shall say to God: Do not condemm me,
but show me why you judge me this way.
Shall it seem a good thing to you
to cheapen me and oppress me,
a man of your own making,
and to support the schemes of the wicked?
Are your eyes like human eyes?
Do even you see only as men do?
Is your life like the life of men,
and do your years pass like the days of men,
that you should search for faults in me
and investigate my sins?
Surely you know that I have done no wrong
and no one could rescue me from your hand.
(Job 10:1-7)
[Translation: Nancho Álvarez]

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