Veni Creator Spiritus, a 4

Veni Creator Spiritus, a 4

In Pentecoste [1581a]


VEni creator spiritus,

Mentes tuorum visita,

Imple superna gratia

Quae tu creasti pectora.


QUi paraclitus diceris,

Donum dei altissimi,

Fons viuus, ignis charitas,

Et spiritalis vnctio.


TU septiformis munere,

Dextrae dei tu digius:

Tu rite promissum patris,

Sermone ditans guttura.


ACcende lumen sensibus,

Infunde amorem cordibus,

Infirma nostri corporis,

Uirtute firmans perpeti.


HOstem repellas longius,

Pacemque dones protinus:

Ductore sic te praeuio,

Uitemus omne noxium.


PEr te sciamus da patrem,

Noscamus atque filium,

Te vtriusque spiritum,

Credamus omni tempore.


Deo Patri sit gloria, et Filio qui a

mortuis surrexit, ac Paraclito in

saeculorum saecula.Amen.



Come Creator Spirit,

visit the souls that are thine:

fill with heavenly grace

the hearts thou hast created.


Thou art severally called Paraclete

gift of God most high,

fount of life, fire, love

and the soul's anointing.


Seven gifts are thine to give,

finger of the Father's right hand art thou,

clear promise or the Father,

grant the grace of speech to men's tongues.


Kindle a light in our minds,

infuse our hearts with love,

and sustain our bodily infirmity

with thy unfailing strength.


Scatter our foes afar,

grant us always the gift of peace:

ever guide us so that

we may avoid all that is sinful.


Grant that through thee we may

know the Father and the Son

and may ever believe thee to be

the Spirit of the Father and the Son.


Glory be to God the Father and

to the son, who rose from the dead,

and to the Paraclete

for ever and ever.



(Rabanus Maurus, IX century)

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