"Victoria alio modo"

Musica Ficta vocal ensemble, led by Raul Mallavibarrena, has recorded a new album devoted mainly to Tomas Luis de Victoria music, entitled "Victoria alio modo." Accompanied by Sara Agueda'a harp, the group is formed by Lore Agustí, soprano; Gabriel Diaz, countertenor; Beatriz Oleaga, alt; Javier M. Carmena and Inigo Casalí, tenors and Simon Millán, bass.

Edited under the label Enchiriadis - Arianne Series, the disc gives a collection of motets and some instrumental pieces by Agueda, also.

The meaning of this record is perfectly explained by its director, Raul Mallavibarrena: "Victoria has been and is still the composer who most helped me to understand that polyphony - the good one -  is just melody conversation, a debate, even sometimes over-heated. So I've chosen for this album a selection of motets that could match to this concept. Closeness. Emotion. Always closer to earth than to heaven. And then the harp I wanted to include not only to provide the profane colour of fretted instrument but to surround voices with a warm complicity. There are on this record contemplative motets, some more poetic, but also other energetic and active (I call them "motets with swing"). What is sure is that they are among my favorites. I sometimes wonder if I can ever measure the debt I have with Tomas Luis de Victoria ".